North America Northeast Area Plan


Area Vision

As beloved children of God, we will follow the covenant path by receiving ordinacnes and keeping covenants that lead to eternal life, and invite family, friends and neighbors to do the same.



Indicators of progress

Deepen conversation to Heavenly Father
and Jesus Christ
and the restored gospel
  1. Prayerfully study the Book of Mormon every day
  2. Honor the Lord’s Sabbath by renewing convenants home
  3. Worthily hold a current temple recommend
  4. Minister to others spiritually and temporally
  • Average sacrament meeting attendance
  • Endowed member with a current temple recommend
  • Ministering companionship interviewed
Gather scattered
Israel on both sides
of the vell
  1.  Pray daily with greater faith to have persona missionary experiences
  2. Invite and help others to “come and see” our sacrament meetings, baptismal services, and family and church activities
  3. Find and take the names of ancestors to the temple and perform their ordinances
  • Converts baptized and confirmed
  • Adults and youth who submitted ancestor names for temple ordinances
Strengthen the
conversion of
children and youth
  1. Participate in seminary
  2. Find and take the names of ancestors to the temple and perform their baptisms and confirmations
  3. Prepare to receive temple ordinances and fulfill convenant responsibilities
  • Seminary enrollment
  • Youth who subitted ancestor names for temple ordinances
  • Youth with current limited use temple recommend
  • Young men with priesthood office appropriate for their age